meet well. meet safe.

The meeting and event landscape is rapidly changing due to the COVID-19 pandemic.  In response to these changes, planit inc. has created an operational response as it pertains to in-person meetings and events, and these responses have translated into two initiatives.  These recommendations are a baseline to effectively get us back to successful and safe event programs.

planit inc. is dedicated to redefining the future of the meeting and events industry.  Please contact planit inc. to hear more about our pandemic response initiatives and connect with our event producers regarding virtual and hybrid experiences that provide the safest experience for your attendees.

meet well. meet safe.

meet well. meet safe. is a fluid event health document and is a blueprint on how to get back to in-person events safely and successfully.  Created from the perspective of protecting the client, attendee, event staff and the hotel/venue when onsite.  We know meetings and events will look different in the near future, and we want to help clients navigate a new roadmap based on best practices and accountability.  meet well. meet safe. has two facets: attend with assurance and attend with confidence.

meet now. meet smart.

meet now. meet smart. is our virtual to hybrid strategy.  We know there is already a “virtual boredom and fatigue effect” occurring, and we have a goal to help our clients meet today on a digital platform, create unique activations and interest through event technology and also assist in the forward progression of an event marketing plan that eventually moves the event to a hybrid format.

meeting & event boxes

Meeting and event boxes are part of our meet now. meet smart. initiative.  Meeting and event boxes enhance the attendee experience, complement internal culture, create strong brand identity and offer a great opportunity for sponsorships.  They are custom curated to fit our clients’ event themes, budgets and goals.  planit inc. will source, curate, package and ship meeting and event boxes directly to recipients’ front doors.